Phoenix Clear Sky Chart

Saturday, January 21, 2017

M42 Trapezium Cluster with NexImage 5mp

This is my first attempt with taking an image of a DSO using my NexStar 8SE and NexImage 5mp webcam. This image was take on 1/17/2017. The location was Peoria AZ. Seeing was 4/5, Transparency was above average, no clouds. City light pollution was not a factor. I took a 1minute video with the webcam. I then processed the image with AS!2 to stack the best images. Registax 6 was used to adjust the Histogram, Gamma and RGB Balance. While the norm would be to use PhotoShop I used PaintShop Pro7 Ultimate to further adjust the image to bring out the color. After many tries with different adjustments This is the final out come.  I will try again with different exposure settings to see what works best. I know that this webcam is not the best for DSO but this did not come out as bad as I thought.